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Must see the 7 big trap that buy liquid crystal TV uncover secret
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Buy liquid crystal TV what a lot of person had dizzy burnt number is deficient, in a way carelessly, the businessman can steal evil joker, summary gives this recently 7 big " dizzy burnt number " trap is most close-fitting a magic weapon, in case not by need.

The biggest dizzy burnt number: The businessman marks a price

Selling in field, ten million cannot believe price to go up mark a price, that affirmation is not real purchase price, also do not cut price on this foundation, such appearing and did not press mark a price trade but still was duped. According to enter the experience that swings all corners of the country to look for years, decrease 10%-15% first on the foundation that mark a price at least, retell price just is advisability later lift.

The 2nd large dizzy burnt number: Product model

Often a lot of person loves are judged according to the model of the product, the dimension of the television, this can want to be in an unfavorable situation. All along the size that manufacturer had not assured to there is a product in model, and what your person indissolubles is these people that organize model go to lis big to write only, never some became small: This is not obvious " can cheat unconscious " !

The 3rd large dizzy burnt number: Compatible resolution

Resolution is to point to to there are how many to resemble element dot after all on screen originally, and some manufacturers unluckily say compatible resolution. What cries compatible, doesn't that input signal namely, this can not rely on to go up to changed with resolution. The may not that can go in can come out, important is not compatible what signal, give what kind of picture to pledge however.

The 4th large dizzy burnt number: Resolution

Had heard of, resolution calculates 3 primary colors apart! Can have a firm so of without reason dry, it is stupefied is to be in resolution is excellent 3, such apparently its resolution became others 3 times -- this is those who do is absolutely not honest and kind.

The 5th large dizzy burnt number: Dynamic contrast

Can not be to say dynamic contrast does not have a meaning, but the contrast of root other people compares the dynamic contrast that also cannot take you. Go up commonly the 6-3 that dynamic contrast can be contrast times, the game of this kind of perpetrate a fraud still is not done well.
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