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Expert of good and evil people mixed up shows a side you walk out of flat error
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The technology of TV of flat of course of study of domestic colour TV that got attention in the light of equipment recently is short of break, cause serious consequence this one problem, the official divulges our country has decided flat new strategy develops plasma of 42 inches of above mainly related MII. This one decision-making card understands our country to wait for a technology in plasma, liquid crystal brand of resolved already pursuant abroad. Go up in the choice of big screen TV so, we are met again dazzling. I help everybody escape flat error below:

Error one: Definition ≠ resolution

Do not think the flat TV of exterior enough cruel is high-definition TV! Accompany high-definition number channel sow, we heard unfortunate voice, a lot of had bought " high-definition TV " the effect that consumer begins to complain his TV broadcasts high-definition channel is not like person meaning.

National figure TV receives equipment and performance metric system to decide a working group is such definition numbers of high-definition TV: The radio frequency that can receive the ground to receive a standard, perpendicular resolution is not less than 720 TV line, aspect ratio for 16: 9, can be down compatible mark clear TV. For simple ground, it is resolution should achieve 1280 × at least 720. At present flat TV can have achieved this requirement, but resolution is high do not represent clarity.

The personage inside course of study discloses, a few guide the member that buy to explain TV resolution is high, guide consumer to take TV in front of, see the size of screen grain element carefully, experience the definition of image with this. The expert points out, this kind " 0 distances " the inherent resolution that observation can inspect indication screen only, but to flat TV the picture pledges and character, image definition is not equal at resolution. Accordingly, what consumer should pay close attention to is the clear degree of image picture itself, and cannot basis " 0 distances " observation makes conclusions as a result.

Error 2: TV of number of flat TV ≠

Very regretful, it is OK to there is a product completely on domestic market at present count " of " number TV. Present number is high-definition channel has left in domestic minority area sowed, a lot of consumer thought to buy high-definition TV by accident, can watch a figure directly high-definition channel, but actual condition is not such, no matter be liquid crystal TV or plasma TV, still need to use high-definition television to carry a box on the head when watching digital TV.
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