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The advantages and disadvantages that talks about prototype of TV of choice liqu
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Prototype of liquid crystal TV from why and come?

Alleged prototype, it is home appliance sells the product of liquid crystal TV that makes example demonstrate is taken in field. Normally businessman to attract the client is mixed show item characteristics, can be above bar of liquid crystal TV place a certain number of paragraph product model to offer client alternative. Consider present size and cost issue, in the prototype that shows above bar it is commonly from inside every series winkle 1-2 money has representative model to put come out.

Usually, the product that prototype calibration type sells can shift to an earlier date for some time to arrive at agency to be in a little, be in next 1-3 exhibits above bar or so months of time, remove a depreciation to sell processing again. Accordingly, the price of prototype will be cheaper than new confidential.

The choice buys the benefit of prototype and fraud contrast

One of advantage: Low-cost

Some friends like to buy prototype, because prototype is cheap,be greatly. Because be above bar,had shown proper time, wait for an element considering the product exterior, life, integrality that pack, compare with new machine photograph, prototype is above certain level should call a discount, because this price respect is met,compare new confidential low. Normally the businessman can be hit according to using a case actually 5 to 9 fold sell prototype, if be be about to the prototype estimation that stop production retreats city still can fall to 3 to 4 fold. No matter be to continue to pile up,because of kinds or types of goods storehouse perhaps returns factory processing, the cost of agency and manufacturer place cost should be gotten high than low sale much.

Of advantage: The spot sees the effect

Another advantage of prototype of choose and buy is a client can the spot examines the effect. Below a lot of circumstances, when buying new machine, the businessman can be in with the product storehouse inconvenience is moved reject the spot to try for reason machine, although such practice is very unreasonable, but many friends are accepted very helplessly still waiting for deliver goods to come to examine goods again next. But the goods such as many moment sends arrive home li of ability discovery this is bad that that is no good, ask to change to be able to let a thing become much more troublesome again. And prototype is to place a bar to reveal directly, the picture qualitative effect that the client is selling a saw with one's own eyes to see TV, examine personally each function is usable, want to patience agrees to spend on a bit time only, machine child can feel basically before pay ripe feel fully, function how also with respect to be clear at the bosom.
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