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Instruct you a few court: How TV of liquid crystal of the small screen of choose
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In17 inchesTo29 inchesOn this dimension, liquid crystal TV and CRT TV had fought hard very long, recently, selling turned, discover both has not divided a victory or defeat, regard small size TV as almost only alternative, go comparing the actor defect of both, the product that balance advantages and disadvantages goes to choosing to suit his is very important.

Bulk ply: As a result of the limitation of working principle, TV of the liquid crystal on this has clear advantage. CRT TV must launch an electron beam to shoot screen ability to become through electron gun picture, the neck of kinescope is done impossibly very shortly, CRT TV can have larger volume and ply necessarily, although used the picture tube of short bine,its ply also can be in400 millimeterAbove. And liquid crystal television controls status of liquid crystal member to achieve indication goal through showing the electrode on screen, nature won't have particularly large volume, and the CRT TV that compares same indication area on weight is shown implement should get gently much. Ply of TV of general liquid crystal is in100 millimeterOr so, for the 1/3 ~ 1/4 of CRT television.

Brightness: Brightness is to show the television is under white picture liquid level, the unit is Cd/m2 square metreCandle power, or Nit lumen. Liquid crystal is a kind of interpose the material between liquid and crystal, what it can control the light through electric current is penetrable degree, show picture thereby. But, liquid crystal itself can not give off light, accordingly all liquid crystal TV need to carry smooth illume on the back, the brightness that be in a poor light also decided the brightness of monitor. The liquid crystal brightness of the mainstream is in commonly 450 to 550cd/m2. Average brightness also is in CRT TV on each levels. Theoretic, brightness is tall, the administrative levels that the picture shows is richer also, improve the indication quality of the picture thereby, but also brightness is not jumped over higher good, this basically is will consider from healthy angle. The progress of the brightness therewith technology of liquid crystal television still is rising ceaselessly, screen of the 7th acting liquid crystal has achieved 800cd/m2 taller even, be afraid opportunity of TV of prospective liquid crystal gets the better of CRT to prepare here.
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