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Projector little knowledge: DLP and LCD have actor of low quality each
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At present the projector on the market basically adopts DLP and LCD the two technologies that differ greatly, which kinds of product is better, do not have clear answer at present.

The support of the old brand powerful force such as inchoate Aipusheng, Suo Ni mixes LCD technology profit from of other and a lot of manufacturer chase after hold in both hands, it is the dominant product of global projector market all the time. The main advantage of LCD measuring projector depends on thirdly unbleached light is the liquid crystal that departs by 3 board composition, had alone control to the brightness of color of avery kind of and contrast, the resolution that can obtain quite accordingly is higher, picture arrangement has felt. And develop as a result of the umbriferous means of LCD up to now already special maturity, 3 primary smooth synchronous levels also achieved satisfactory result, make the umbriferous output that LCD projector fits dynamic picture more.

DLP Chinese name calls digital optics to handle a technology. The reflection type that regards a kind of total number as the word is umbriferous technology, DLP projector because chip height is compositive, have in power comsumption respect accordingly substantially advantage, because high temperature, moisture is mixed,shake not easily to wait for environmental element and affect video quality. The picture contrast that the projector that introduces DLP produces is taller, smooth route system is designed more compactly, prevail in respect of bulk, weight consequently; And LCD is on the expression of brightness uniformity, colour and detail is a strong point. Two kinds of technologies provide a characteristic each, will concomitant inside the period of time with quite long future.

15000~20000 yuan group

Projector of Suo Ni CX63

Main parameter

Indication technology: LCD

Resolution: XGA 1024 X 768dpi

Contrast: 450 ∶ 1

Brightness: 3000 lumen

Bulb life: 2000 hours

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