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Projector purchases: Mark of empty of vigilant projector parameter
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Current, the industry is purchased normative with each passing day, but tell objectively, the recruit that teachs projector bids still put in a few inadequacy, among them topic of a focus is parameter of make a false report. Undeniable, below the drive of the interest, so called perhaps industry goes to be driven regularly below, current and certain manufacturer bids there is the problem of parameter of make a false report in the process in the recruit that teachs projector. This teachs an user to raise vigilance with respect to the requirement, hold sober head, the identifying related study skill, undertake discerning.

The problem of parameter of projector make a false report is very common, especially brightness. Because do not have uniform standard, different projector manufacturer has a test in the projector lumen to different type when, chosen test environment is not identical, the projector lumen parameter that then ultimate test gets agrees completely impossibly also. Some manufacturer also come with peak value lumen nominal oneself projector. This makes each brand projector although exterior number is same but actual endless however and identical. Plus business of a few wrongful medium of communication from which cheat, more let user not know what to do.

By the still has bulb life of make a false report. The bulb life that a lot of suppliers anounce leaves in groove, and in real education environment, use time long, switch is frequent, pedagogic chalk still can produce a large number of dust, these adverse elements cause the use time of most umbriferous bulb to cannot reach the 2000~3000 hour with nominal manufacturer.

Lack the test condition of relevant professional knowledge and effective and environment in view of a lot of users, the user can be before product type selecting, stand to the intranet that participates in the each brand manufacturer that bid ahead of schedule (the native land website that had better be a manufacturer) on check relevant parameter, all basically is projector actual parameter that tags over there, have referenced value very much.

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