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Him pop TV of goofy class liquid crystal picks the eye secret book
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Choosing an outstanding liquid crystal TV is not an easy thing absolutely. Perhaps go up in the network or on TV ad you already settle on some product, but can assure to walk into without the person sell you won't change a mind. No matter read how many introduction to perhaps evaluate an article, what the opinion of others always cannot replace him consumer is subjective experience. Accordingly, master the skill of function of the basiccest TV of resolution liquid crystal, average to every consumer is very important.

On the network, also have numerous about evaluating liquid crystal TV or the introduction of liquid crystal TV, but the preparation that great majority needs to do a few major. Also meet at least somebody suggests consumer can take computer of a notebook oneself -- of course, if conditional word, this is a good choice: Notebook computer, professional test dish, file of different test media data and professional test software. Nevertheless, not be everybody has notebook computer, not be everybody can do major check CD more -- although test software is very good,download, but also not be everybody can use: What consumer needs is the proposal that operates a truly low cost, easily.

Actually, as most normally circumstance, the preparation that consumer should make to choose liquid crystal TV is a few pieces of DVD only just. Common DVD is OK, if must carry the sentence of some of requirement, had better be an authorised edition, had better be all of consumer blame Changshu, best bag contains different video element: Different colour, different setting, best character, cartoon, occasion, article can be enclothed, include dormant (slow) mixed picture and the picture that high speed moves are waited a moment. If be consumer,not be familiar with film, that is necessary to shift to an earlier date " review " a few, feel practical effect -- good compare with the feeling that sells the liquid crystal of field TV.

Had adequate preparation, OK " go into battle " . Proposal consumer chooses a good time, had better not be on the weekend the holiday of and so on -- affirmative meeting disturbs you when the person is much, and salesman also does not hope you often look look. Although, the price of liquid crystal TV is cheaper than before a few years now a lot of, but still be the most expensive in common home appliance: 5000 yuan freezer, washing machine is already enough good, but 5000 yuan liquid crystal TV is only just introduction -- accordingly, time of floriferous on liquid crystal TV dot still is worthiness.

Go selling before field, consumer should be already right what to buy price, how old the product of dimension and what function makes good plan. Selling the mainest job in field is, him satisfaction chooses in the different product of the different brand that satisfying a requirement.
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