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The school purchases projector: Need not pull a curtain
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School name: Road of hill of Qi of area of aunt of Shenyang city emperor the first elementary school

Tell about a person: Sun Bo of information center director

School brief introduction: This school is Shenyang city's famous key elementary school, have 110 2680 62 education class, students, teachers, have national class among them outstanding teacher outstanding teacher of city of one name, province teacher of outstanding subject of city of 20 name, provinces 42, force of persons qualified to teach is abundant. In the meantime, school informatization rate also goes in the front row of whole town elementary school from beginning to end. Begin from 2003, the school begins to purchase the IT equipment such as PC gradually, built whole network environment further again 2005. Current, the teacher uses multimedia teacher and student at ordinary times, turn network office without paper.

July 2005, this elementary school purchases invite public bidding through what the government integrates an organization, purchased projector of 62 EPSON EMP-3000, total prices is worth more than 2 million yuan.

Purchase a process: Before purchase, group of invite public bidding had an inquiry to school of a few brother. During invite public bidding, use one machine double the form that show, undertook to participating in the product of a few brands of invite public bidding the spot is evaluated, emphasize the brightness that pays close attention to a product and definition.

"Need not pull a curtain " , this little details once left deep impression to school teachers and students. Before this, the school has the projector of an old money, on a lot of curtains must be pulled when school teacher uses projector, formed bright contrast so. "Whether to pull a curtain " it is a bagatelle really, made an user true feel the quality of projector product however. Will tell to school teacher and student, the brightness of projector is very important, brightness is insufficient, can affect education result. Because if often need among education,move the classroom dark, can affect the student's vision so, and need not pull a curtain, the classroom has enough daylighting, protect the student's vision apparently.

Purchase a note: Chang of barren of arm of post left-eyed flounder of  of scar of  of imperial order of Yi of δ of Zou Chi ⒐ ?
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