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Vivitek D535 business projector 3D stereo for only 4,599 yuan
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Vivitek D535 is a compact appearance of white, support the latest 3D stereoscopic display with a portable business projector. This projector design with a beautiful and relatively good performance, very popular with the majority of users. Currently, the Vivitek D535 projector is priced at 4,599 yuan, also comes with a laser pointer, the effective limit of ten days, and interested friends can go to learn more about reseller. Vivitek D535 to the projector the whole body pure white is easy in a variety of decorating the home environment in place, the overall body weight of only 1.9kg, is very small, lightweight, easy for users to carry out the business presentation. In terms of performance, Vivitek D535 projector with 3200 lumens, 3000:1 contrast ratio nominal maximum resolution up to 1400 × 1050, can render a good quality. The Vivitek D535 projector 3D stereoscopic display with support functions, according to various different environment, the user can always adjust the wall color, the best time for the user's projection screen. Also, this model also timing, according to the requirements of the development time to remind the user, allowing users to both speakers, or are able to grasp the precise time entertainment. In the interface area, Configuration Vivitek D535 projector in addition to VGA, Video and S-Video and other commonly used interfaces, is also equipped with HDMI high-definition digital interface, can be easily connected to high-definition equipment, with more comprehensive. In addition, this model in the economy mode lamp life up to 4000 hours and a standby power consumption of only 1W, very energy saving.

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