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NECNP610C projector wise choice for educational opportunities
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NEC NP610C projectors, educational models, the wise choice. Remains consistent along the NEC design style, simple and practical fashion, is a very good models of education. The machine uses a white appearance, body shape smooth. The use of LCD projection technology, the standard projection resolution of 1024 × 768, brightness of 3,500 lumens, even in bright fluorescent light to use, but also has good projection and the projection of higher quality, while maintaining high brightness Meanwhile, the normal mode, the projector lamp is 230W, and also reached the maximum lamp life 5,000 hours, to significantly reduce maintenance costs, more suitable for multi-media classrooms, medium-sized meetings. NP610C "net core" series of projectors, NEC's unique combination of warm system, more conducive to protect their eyesight. Meanwhile, the application of NEC products patented technology of LCD panel cooling system, you can double the life of LCD panels, with multiple dust-proof design, can significantly improve product reliability. Furthermore, with NEC developed the "Virtual Remote Tool" control software, so you do not have to worry about can not find the remote control. On the other hand, NP610C filter design using a new generation of double effect, improving the cooling air inlet design and the use of new materials and structure of the backward air filter, effectively prevent the adhesion of dust to enter and to achieve three times the ability to enhance the projector dust, classroom projector to a significant reduction in the environmental impact of flying ash powder to extend the normal usage of the projector to maintain long-term clean and bright. In addition, the aircraft can be controlled with software developed by the company, through the RS232 port perfect match, let it reach the remote control purposes, you are welcome to inquire. In addition to NP610C outside, NP510C/NP410C/NP405C the same educational model a good choice. Guangzhou Xin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a race NEC projector distributor in Guangdong Province, the main business projector, projection screen, projector bulbs, hangers and a variety of projector accessories. All projectors are Genius, licensed with votes in support of cash on delivery, customers are welcome to inquire.

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