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Yudu County projection equipment procurement monitoring system inquiry invita
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Entrusted by the purchaser, the center is to projection equipment, monitoring systems procurement, invite the appropriate qualifications and ability with the appropriate vendor supplier documentation requirements under the inquiry to participate in this procurement activities and to provide to meet Required goods. Procurement requirements are as follows: (A) Item No.: YDXJ20101112-2 (B) of the project: see "Inquiry project requirements List" (C) Price of the Notice: 1, the inquiry documentation fee of 200 RMB. Quoted by not less than the standard 10% deposit payment (cash sealed), no transaction in the transaction to determine who refunded without interest after the turnover of human performance issued by purchaser acceptance Compliance certification to return without interest, for breach of contract will depend on the transaction as appropriate, charged breach of contract some or all of deposit. 2, the inquiry response file and the margin submission deadline (quotations) Time: at 10:20 on November 19, 2010, late in the inquiry response file will not be accepted. Submit Location: Center for the seventh floor bidding Yudu County Government Purchasing Department. 3, may choose to offer items for purchase, sub-items were identified transactions, each of items and each of goods is only allowed to provide a quote, otherwise the offer will be considered invalid. Quote should include transportation, installation and related materials, Commissioning, training, follow-up services, and all other fees and taxes and the total price of each individual unit shall not exceed the procurement budget. 4, the quotation provided by the equipment must be new, original, authentic products, and product manufacturers were concerned with the documents (business license, tax registration certificate, certificate of product origin, certification, sequence Number, etc.) and other relevant information. 5, the procurement contract: "Closing Notice" was issued as required by the transactions were entered into with the purchaser in a timely manner. 6, delivery location and time: 7 working days after the transaction or the press service of the procurement contract. 7, acceptance: acceptance by the procurement of human tissue. 8, Payment: acceptance of the payment (both supply and marketing consultation.) 9, inquiry response documents include: ① undertaking; ② inquiry quotation sheets of government procurement; ③ offer people relevant qualification documents: business license, tax registration certificate, legal representative or operator of Powers of Attorney (legal representative or the operator himself Quotes are not required to provide authorization to participate), offer representative identity and so on. 10, quotation inquiry shall provide a response file 1, all using A4 paper and bound into the bag sealed and the Seals at the seal affixed the official seal, by the legal representative (operator) or authorized representative signature. Bag outside Quotes people should specify name, project name, project number. 11, according to meet the procurement requirements, quality and service principle of equal and lowest transaction to determine who the items. If there is service, quality, delivery time, minimum purchase Dengjun the same situation, would organize the lowest reported Price quotations were the second quotation, the second quotation must be less than the first offer, and so on. 12, quotes and their representatives should follow the government procurement laws, regulations and prevailing rules. 13, outstanding issues, press the "Government Procurement Law" and relevant laws, regulations and rules and regulations of the regulations.

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