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Sony projector by the China Education Technology Association Top Ten Brands Awar
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Recently, the Sony projector with superior technology, outstanding performance and applications in the education sector's outstanding performance in the China Education Technology Association 2009 Annual Conference of the National selection of the top ten brands in the audio-visual products, access to "Top Ten Brands projection equipment" Award. The national audio-visual products, the top ten brands selected by the national education authority activities, "China Education Technology Association," organized in the form of the questionnaire to the readers for computers, projection equipment, physical Showcase, multimedia teaching network, closed-circuit dual-control system, voice equipment , seven major types of educational software for audio-visual products were selected, based on the voting results of the questionnaire for each type of audio-visual products, selected the ten most popular brands, assessment results have very broad popular support and authority. To some extent, the user guide for the majority of the educational products educational technology trends and market patterns. The Sony projector stand out more than twenty brands, demonstrating the Sony projector in the field of education of China's strength and leading position. Sony projector has long been concerned about China's education industry, user education / government / enterprises with different needs of users in-depth interpretation of the user understand the function of the projector and other aspects of refinement and performance of the vendors have a more high demand. In recent years, Sony China Professional Solutions Group Department of display devices in China's education industry continues to increase investment. China's education market for the needs of users, tailored to the Sony VPL-CX Series projectors in order to better help in China's media education. September 2009, Sony has released an economic-based Sony VPL-EX130 projector, combined with the original product VPL-EX70, VPL-CX131, VPL-CX135, VPL-CX161, VPL-CX165, to further enrich the Sony products in the education industry front, Sony projector consolidated its leading position in the education industry. In 2010, Sony will continue to strengthen investment in education, and continue to educate users in China to provide reliable, stable and high value-added products and solutions to the projector.

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