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Long rainbow is gigantic endowment make first product line of plasma screen home
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28 days, by long rainbow together company of MP of rainbow group, United States, first phase opens up endowment in Sichuan continous this world the plasma screen product line of build begins construction 6 billion yuan. This mark is worn the plasma screen that China will own the first to have own intellectual property and modular group product line.

As we have learned, this product line will realize a quantity to produce before next year Olympic Games, round compatriots is used " Chinese screen sees the Olympic Games " dream. Budget 3 period build can achieve the productivity that produces per year 2.16 million finally, plasma screen of the world before dimensions is equivalent to eye is produced can rank the Japanese van company of the 5th. This product line produces main amount50 inchesWith classy and ionic screen, predict year of total output value to be able to amount to 8 billion yuan.

It is reported, hold flat TV cost 78 become screen technologies master in foreign enterprise hand more, as overall manufacturer, at present enterprise of homebred color television is obliged to rely on to assemble earn few profit with later period conformity, some even deficit. For this, in recent years, tycoons of our country color television are in all the time brew " the plan that make screen " .  

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