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Screen produces long rainbow plasma future of line be born is worth to expect
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Be born of product line of first plasma screen of Chinese

On April 28, construction of project of rainbow Europe PDP is started and long rainbow east yuan ceremony of start working of project of air conditioning compressor saves development of technology of economy of continous in relief city to be held ceremoniously in Sichuan. As we have learned, this is product line of the first plasma screen of our country, this purpose is started, the foreground of industry of cable of the state in making much expect a few minutes. As we have learned, first phase project of project of rainbow Europe PDP plans to always invest 675 million dollar, in July 2008 put into production, produce per year PDP model group to achieve 2.16 million (with 42 " plan) . Pass finally 3 period construction, total investment exceeds 2 billion dollar, form the ability that produces per year group of model of 6 million PDP, enter 4 strong range of world.

Starting ceremonially, sichuan saves governor Jiang Jufeng to express, long rainbow is Sichuan " industry is saved by force " one of bibcock enterprises, project of rainbow Europe PDP will have thrust to move Sichuan province and even western region economy and social progress. As the formation of the group of Chinese PDP industry that is bibcock with long rainbow, the electronic industry standard of Sichuan also will obtain great progress, change finally into " industry is saved by force " powerful impetus. Xing Daoqin of president of Inc. of rainbow group electron thinks, course of study of about to give birth of cover of job of Chinese home appliance upgrades and industrial transition, project of rainbow Europe PDP is choice of a strategy, this action casts off company of phone of the state in quickening the situation of low-level competition. A few produce classics analysis personage to think: "Project of rainbow Europe PDP leaves build, indicate the core technology capability that tastes a domain in crucial ministry gets a long rainbow consolidate and promote, this is long rainbow ' 3 coordinate strategy ' another major move, the industrial structure of long rainbow and growth pattern get optimizing further. Project of rainbow Europe PDP will perfect catenary of industry of Chinese home appliance, adjust structure of Chinese electron Information Industry, the global competition ability that promotes China home appliance " .

Focus: Why does long rainbow march plasma screen
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