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Top class taste city of face of high price of TV of LG 42LB7RF liquid crystal ne
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Recently, LG42LBTV of 7RF liquid crystal appeared on the market in Beijing eventually, can saying is LG a TV with best now function. Price field is natural also a lot of more expensive, the market quotes 18990 yuan.

LG42LBOutward appearance of TV of 7RF liquid crystal used design of complete black frame, use technology of LG peculiar S-IPS " firm hold " , it is had broader when can inspecting angle, fast noise to answer, and exceed; of strong color rendition force to make picture more true, colour is more full. Ultrathin airframe, whole appears beautiful and fashionable.

LG42LBScreen of TV of 7RF liquid crystal belongs to 7.5 acting screen, have 1920 × the physical resolution of 1080, 5000: The brightness of the contrast of 1, 500cd/m2, and of 178 ° super- wide can inspect angle and the noise of 8 millisecond to answer time. LG42LB7RF still has banner Simplink function, simplink function is to point to dominate all seeing and hearing such as machine of movie theater of TV, DVD, family, high-definition dish at the same time through a remote controller recreational product. Although you buy the product of seeing and hearing of different manufacturer,will come, also can use this one function, realize palm of skill of recreational of seeing and hearing easily to accuse.

In interface respect, LG42LB7RF is divided deployed a series of commonly used interface beyond, still deployed double HDMI interface, satisfy the requirement of average consumer completely.
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