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High-definition flat TV is performed " blind is measured " right definitely
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Develop new strategy in industry of TV of national establish flat, the key develops42 inchesWith classy and ionic TV, reach Chinese number TV to build from pilot during entering comprehensive promotion, high-definition flat TVOn April 7Summit of a summit was performed to be opposite in Beijing definitely, check result discovery, the dynamic definition of plasma TV is higher, liquid crystal TV prevails slightly in static definition respect, in nature of contrast, colour degree, can inspect angle 3 function index is classy and ionic a be far ahead.

Complete favour of Liu of group leader of working group of level of MII number TV expresses, have an advantage each on the technology to making clear plasma TV and liquid crystal TV as a result definitely, conduce to the misunderstanding that eliminates TV of ion of partial consumer reciprocity. And, TV of face logarithm word popularizes spring tide of brings high-definition TV replacement in the round, plasma TV serves as at present the only total number word on the market turns a TV set, will gain unprecedented development opportunity.

The spot " blind is measured " eliminate consumptive acknowledge error

Comparative test is opposite this high-definition TV to inspect professional like guild plasma committee to initiate by Chinese electron definitely, MII is subordinate with major celebrated the organization of lab of electric equipment review within course of study, spot of complete favour of Liu of group leader of working group of level of MII number TV is supervised, be opposite in order to assure definitely just sex and authority. This test is used " blind is measured " means -- it is namely below the circumstance that informing test equipment is plasma TV or liquid crystal TV after all, by test participator basis picture effect, undertake open, just contrast is evaluated.

The media reporter that comes from countrywide each district regards a test as main body, be opposite respectively TV of two high-definition flat (plasma TV, liquid crystal TV each one, resolution all is 1366X768) extent of nature of picture definition, contrast, colour, can inspect angle 4 function index the subjective assessment that makes oneself. Spot statistic result shows, in definition respect, 56.5% what think the reporter with higher definition of static state of liquid crystal TV holds total number, and the proportion that chooses definition of plasma TV trends to take actor is as high as 88% , after on 3 function index also be far ahead. "Two TV divide almost the same hard in respect of picture of indication static state, but when handling picture of high speed motion, liquid crystal TV is put in phenomenon pulling end really, definition drops somewhat. " the person that check expresses in the spot.
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