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3 foreign strategies are adjusted show effect to taste liquid crystal laugh newl
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2007 the world that Chinese flat market still is liquid crystal TV, each large slab manufacturer delivers the view to liquid crystal domain. Get ready for fight of 3 foreign TV, carried out the in-house strategy that do sth unconventional or unorthodox to adjust, aim to accentuate the weight used on a balance that the company competes, start to Chinese flat market new round powerful offensive. It is reported, shortly will come " 51 golden weeks " , 3 foreign TV roll out heavy pound brand-new the technology equips " 8 departments " classical liquid crystal " BMW " CA8, CN8 product of TV of liquid crystal of two old series, assault 2007 flat market, contend for the market wantonly first machine, initiate the first sells a height this year.

New strategy " steer a boat " the product upgrades

3 foreign report regarded as achieve the sale goal 2007 better, the respect such as in-house to the enterprise organization, management system undertook the strategy of bold and resolute is adjusted. What organization of interior of 3 foreign TV realized science completely already nowadays is compressed change administrative pattern, gather information, the link such as product layout, research and development, production and sale joins cheek by jowl, make 3 foreign TV can answer the newest trends of market of Chinese color television well and truly, hold the market to develop way, will satisfy the newest requirement of broad consumer with the the most most advanced, most fashionable TV product. Alleged thick accumulate square can thin hair, garrison China as the foreign brand of 20 one's remaining years, the abundant actual strength of 3 foreign TV got strong proof again.

CN8 and CA8 of product of two old series appearing on the market quickly is the first pace that market strategy stepped 3 foreign TV 2007, also be the initial effect that after strategy of interior of 3 foreign TV is adjusted, obtains.

It is reported, 3 foreign TV are newest the liquid crystal TV that appear is by analogy in liquid crystal TV " 8 departments BMW " . CN8 exterior is delicate, airframe is lightsome and ultrathin, it is the airframe in coequal norms product is the at present thinnest liquid crystal TV on the market; CA8 is given priority to with the technology dozen, the video of IPPT intelligence trends that used 3 modern newest research and development optimizes a technology, make a product right of dynamic picture optimized processing to obtain line of business inside top level.

In addition, TV of liquid crystal of this two old series used 3 foreign TV the engine of the 3rd acting VIOZN of newest development, there was qualitative flight on underlying performance. 3 ocean in the world element with the technology advanced with character excellent and celebrated, having 50 old international quality, its get complimentary VIZON engine fully, be competition ability of core of product of the TV below the banner is the directest reflect. 3 foreign TV say, should with CN8, CA8 this two large departments label a pioneer, hit out with all one's strength market of liquid crystal TV, win 2007 battle of the first flat.
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