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Day establishs heavy pound detain 7 years to note plasma of 50 inches of above
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Day establishs the place that make the specification is held to meet inside Tokyo city, introduced 2007 year strategy of business of TV of the following flat. Minister of ministry of business of consumer goods of standing executive trustee holds this company concurrently presiding apparitor river long narrow flag sincere express " will be in 2007 year, make the price reduces 60 % , sale increases 30 % , supply catenary and the fixed cost that cut 10 % through improvement, turn by the deficit of 2006 year for gain " , in the meantime, day stands will right50 inchesAbove plasma TV undertakes developing investment, undertake to aggrandizement of productivity of PDP of the 3rd factory rationalize invests, to the sale of North America and Japan concentration invests.

Business profit of the 4th quarter will achieve 2006 year twist deficient, this is main benefit from benefit from the end of the year is formal 2006 the PDP of put into production " the 3rd factory " (Fuji connects day to establish plasma monitor) . Because this product line agrees with,the quantity is produced50 inches(diagonal127cm) face plate and42 inches(diagonal106cm) face plate, so day stands to make the focal point50 inchesProduct, market of focal alignment North America. Face Japanese market42 inchesCompletely high-definition (High Definition) plasma TV also will according to book, summer 2007 put into production.

The goal that day establishs is 2007 year make plasma TV sales volume achieves 1.4 million, portion achieves the 13 % of plasma TV whole. Pass will50 inchesThe share of above product rises 20 % , 800 thousand when make outstanding achievement exceeds 2006 year considerably are mixed 9 % . The target of 2010 year is 4 million are mixed 20 % . "Because amount of plasma TV firm won't increase, because this is in
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