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International JK rolls out another master piece, exceed bright back to cast toug
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International JK company and whole world are famous production rolls out tough act to be tasted newly since distribute of agreement of company of business Spain Reversa " exceed bright back to cast tough act " . This back casts tough act to use vogue not to have black edge design, the appearance is deft, speed is good, no matter be to be in shopwindow advertisement, reveal the environment with the stronger light such as hall, clearing or playground to fall (bar, DISCO) use, picture and video and same in bright, clarity, used brand-new and ionic show like the technology.
JK exceeds bright back to cast tough act characteristic:

● perspective is big, high resolution, tall brightness, tall contrast, without window

● can provide bright, clear picture in extremely wide perspective range

● tall light transmittance

Character of ● high formation of image

● does not need clip to hold, easily erect

● fights ambient light interference

Main distinguishing feature:

Gain is tall: Gain is tall, we can explain sometimes with light transmittance, but gain is met high influence image colour, the uniformity of brightness. In gain so high case falls, colour, brightness just still can call good screen equably.

The perspective is wide: Broad perspective is indispensable, of the surface columnar the light that lens can control level and perpendicular direction distributings, have the function that enlarges horizontal perspective.

Do not reflex to outside light: The back drops the good point with the biggest screen is the quality that outside lamplight does not affect image, it is by its when TV station and outside ambient photoelectricity are stronger, if image generation glances,can affect picture quality greatly.

Colour, brightness uniformity: Lens of rear phenanthrene Nie Er balances a line at will incident Guang Jucheng, increase screen uniformity, but the differs to also can affect colour brightness uniformity of camera lens.
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