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Summerly general development gives industry the portable apparatus of highest co
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Xia Pu alleges external, its had developed contrast to amount to industry of top level those who face portable apparatus is medium or small liquid crystal face plate, its contrast is for 2000: 1, dimension is2.2 inches, resolution resembles element for 240 X 320 (QVGA) . The contrast of primary product of summerly general company is 500: 1. New product basically faces the mobile phone that backs thin wave band, the plan began to supply sample Summer 2007.

Compare with primary product photograph, raised contrast through reducing black brightness. Before this, when showing black phenomenon of summary bright scattering, bring about black brightness stronger. This, carry pair of liquid crystal members tilt direction undertakes high accuracy is controlled, restrained smooth scattering, reduced black brightness thereby.

Outside dividing contrast, eye shot angle and the function that answer time also rise somewhat than primary product. The perspective of primary product controls 160 degrees for fluctuation, this product controls 176 degrees for fluctuation. Answer time to be shortened by 25ms to 8ms (the time that ash rank changes to 90 % from 10 % ) . In perspective respect, "Through improving, what used the wide perspective technology of TV face plate portable apparatus face plate is subtle resemble element " (Xia Pu) .

To answering time aspect, summerly general staff says, "Element of the liquid crystal before this topples in succession with domino type. And adopt the orientaton technique that improves liquid crystal element this, make all liquid crystal elements can even in same time the ground is flat " . Answer time on average of ash rank to be under 25ms completely.

On the news briefing, the colour of the item on display that Xia Pu exhibits behaves limits to compare 100 % for NTSC. It is as a result of exhibiting liquid crystal face plate through model, because of this and face use pass through partly model of liquid crystal face plate " portable AQUOS " photograph of liquid crystal face plate is compared, its outdoor can inspect a gender opposite poorer. Use the face plate of this technology, support QVGA product not only, and still " all-around support " (Xia Pu) WQVGA (240 × 400 like element) reach WVGA (800 × 480 like element) wait for wide screen face plate, and the biggest arrive10.4 inches
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