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Toshiba will produce TV of 30 inches of EL at official 2009 capacity
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Japanese Toshiba announced external recently: Its will be produced at beginning official capacity 2009 and TV of organic glow of EL of put on sale, branch of Toshiba public relations discloses, its above all the EL TV dimension of put on sale will be30 inches, management that the company is in before Toshiba president holds day of Mr CEO Atsutoshi Nishida concurrently announces this news on the conference.

OLED TV is a kind of full prize the indication technology of initiative light, do not need to be in a poor light module, consequently whole module orgnaization relatively TV of LCD liquid crystal is more frivolous, still have in addition exceed wide perspective, tall contrast, resolution beautiful and response rate to wait for character quickly, have tall brightness, sex of report of small operation voltage, low cost and run temperature wide wait for strong point, more applicable at but the development of bending monitor, because this is by analogy,issue the technology of indication face plate of for generations. OLED TV has an opportunity to make the planar TV main trend of new generation very much, because each manufacturer joins procession of research and development in succession, include Sony, essence to be versed in Aipusheng, beautiful can, SamSung electron, and the joint ventures Toshiba of the electric equipment below Toshiba and pine shows technical company below the pine inside, the OLED that if strange beautiful photoelectricity also is engaged in small size again,the stage is a manufacturer is developed. Suo Ni had announced second half of the year will be formal a few days ago TV of OLED of put on sale.

Because OLED technology is OK generation is bright and what colour abounds is video, its contrast exceeds liquid crystal face plate 200 times above, need to carry illuminant on the back like face plate of unlike liquid crystal again, because of this ply be able to considerably cut. This kind of technology has used the device that uses the small screen in phone of digital camera, action and other. But get cost of be confined to and technical barrier, at present OLED technology still cannot measure the large size face plate that produces the equipment need such as TV! But 2009, toshiba quantity is produced30 inchesPerhaps TV of hopeful general EL takes OLED TV sitting room, perhaps develop as the technology, other firm also can develop TV of OLED of big face plate.

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