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Value big screen day to establish a plan to roll out TV of 85 inches of plasma
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On April 18, 2007, day stands again Tokyo announces its will roll out product of 85 inches of plasma, enlarge day to stand to be had in the global market of TV of big screen plasma thereby rate.

Day stands predict, market of global plasma TV, from 2006 money year the 9.3 million 2 ten million that increase to 2010 stage, will grow double about. Day stands to predict at the same time, the growth of market of liquid crystal TV will be more swift and violent, from 2006 money year 28.5 million 110 million when increase to 2010, amplitude 4 times.

Additional, according to statistic, flat TV also more and more dimension develops Xiang Dabing, at present the pine fell to had had103 inchesPlasma TV, and Xia Pu also had108 inchesLiquid crystal TV, day stands to also unwilling to lag behind of course, its plan to roll out more applicable85 inchesPlasma TV also is in reason.

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