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Want 3 action only! Let remote umbriferous effect is good on had added
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Be in remote umbriferous when, we often the umbriferous effect of unavailable satisfaction, often can discover umbriferous picture is in twinkle ceaselessly, shake condition, sometimes umbriferous picture is not clear about at all. Actually umbriferous effect bad, basically be umbriferous signal is in remote transmission process, may be disturbed by all sorts of ab extra clutter, return existence signal to transmit attenuation phenomenon at the same time, come so the input quality nature of umbriferous signal is met poorer. To rise remote umbriferous effect, we might as well from the input that improves umbriferous signal quality begins, the signal that will raise projector receives ability, the 3 action skill below can let remote umbriferous effect is good on had added!

1, restrain come from the interference inside box

Because umbriferous signal basically comes from the computer, and the big interference source that computer oneself is a be worthy of the name actually, computer box is in-house not only insert those who received and so on of similar tone card, TV card, net card all sorts of board card, and still interweaving all sorts of line cable of and so on of transmission line of jumper of data line, power source, network, these board card and wire cable can arise when the job more or less clutter, these clutter interference gather together very easily together and through projector line cable transmits projector in, affect projector thereby steadily projectile picture. Arrive to can reduce the interference of computer box interior minimal, all sorts of board card that we can try not to use those temporarily move from inside the computer get rid of, the data wire cable that will not use at the same time is straightened and bundle up is together, in order to reduce amount of clutter emission source; Additional, to avoid the computer in-house induction is electrostatic transmit what give umbriferous signal normally bring interference, we had better use an OK and electric metal iron wire, the box crust join of one of end and computer, additionally one aspect of the matter and earth join, the response that can produce computer interior so is electrostatic release clean, transmit what avoided electrostatic meeting to disturb umbriferous signal normally.

2, use amplifier to optimize signal

In actual and umbriferous process, the distance between projector and computer may very far, and the line cable that projector deploys randomly often has only
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