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Projector maintenance is short of the platoon division of lubricious umbriferous
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Measuring projector of an EPSON EMP-820, computer of RGB mouth join, video inputs machine of buccal connective VCD, after switching on the mobile phone, discover color slants badly cold, adjust then colour temperature, but although be moved to the biggest also do not see color is calefacient.

Adjust respectively again R(is gules) , G(green) , B(blue) intensity of of all kinds, discovery is adjusting when G and B, screen color has change, and adjust did not change when R, suspicion is measuring projector adjustment dominates circuit or decipher circuit has trouble. Open VCD opportunity, broadcast a piece of disc, input switch of source of measuring projector image to video mouth, it is normal that discovery shows, and red is short of when showing the computer inputs a picture. Then again switch arrives computer picture, open draw process, think a whole picture fill to become red, discover whole screen does not have red at all however, the place that red should be on palette is black, and blue department and the color that green fastens have.

Apparent, the problem can be only on the jumper that inputs a mouth to measuring projector from mouth of the output that show clip. Open jumper the outlet of 15 core RGB of two end, a line on outlet of that one aspect of the matter broke discovery and connective of mouth of measuring projector RGB, will join afresh after its solder is good measuring projector and computer, switch on the mobile phone discover indication computer image color is normal, trouble removal.


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