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Electrical wiring is a culprit- - eliminate projector to show trouble
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Breakdown phenomenon:

Very big interference exists when a projector broadcasts the file such as video. Particular case is: Projector installation is in sitting room, when projector accepts DVD plane, it is normal to broadcast the image clarity that come out, voice. When when receiving signal switch to arrive on the computer of the study, image can appear apparent interference stripe, and sound box is accompanied murmur is given out.

Breakdown detects:

Projector receives DVD it is normal to be used on machine, removed the issue of projector basically. And the computer of the user is to place in the study, grow through about6 metersVGA line and projector are linked together, at the same time still line of a frequency joined result put. The image that since project,comes out and sound are abnormal, accordingly frequency and video signal are caused preliminary suspicion in transmission process by what interference, inside certain room the high-power such as air conditioning and freezer uses electric equipment to had been shut, broadcast the effect to still fall without ameliorative circumstance, VGA line and difference of frequency line quality cause begin to suspect again, change then jumper, discover the effect is improved somewhat, but problem or existence. Do not have method really to later, all problems end arrives on computer, but actually computer monitor broadcasts electric image all the time very normal. Happen to hand has desk notebook computer on the head, unplug next jumper receive jotter to go up then, the discovery after switching on the mobile phone, like afore-mentioned problem miracles disappeared, but had been done not have for ages, should receive on when the power source adapter of jotter, the problem came out again. Proper at the end of one's wits when the telephone call supports after thinking of to dial the carry out of projector manufacturer, gotten answer is very simple, insert the power source outlet of computer with projector on the electrical outlet of same group or photograph adjacent OK. Can so simple operation solve a problem? The attitude that adopting uncertainty tried, the problem got settlement as expected.

Breakdown analysis:

The immediate cause that causes this trouble is the voltage difference between town report ground wire. When projector and computer work, when difference of ground wire voltage is different between them, interference electric current can flow to the one aspect of the matter of electric depress down signal transmission line. And voltaic flow, inevitable meeting disturbs the transmission of normal signal, bring about those who disturb a problem to appear. So, appear when use projector when afore-mentioned problems, did not forget the town report that checks equipment receives kind certainly. In the meantime, further to signal transmission distance when, the ground connection screen that must make fine line works, only such ability admire the shock result that gets umbriferous picture brings big screen.
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