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Want to note the physical join problem of notebook computer and projector above all, this problem to a lot of the first time for the teacher that operates projector, look seem very simple, actually this simple operation joins to the signal of projector port causes harm very easily, because many teachers are in education process,go to the lavatory for the graph, the case that often accepts electrify source in projector falls to use jotter of wire cable join and projector directly, perhaps pull out directly below electrified circumstance jumper cable, operate otherwise so actually a few bouts, the working circuit that the signal input port of projector is in is easy by burn down, so no matter we still pull out in jumper cable when wire cable, must come according to right order normative operation, ten million cannot the heart puts fluky psychology. No matter line cable is linked together with the computer or projector when, must use fixed screw to secure plug firm ground and computer or projector together, if wire cable join contacts disloyal word, projector happens very likely in working process to show without image or screen appears slant lubricious breakdown. Of course, after securing jumper cable, lay jumper cable along corner edge as far as possible even, and the line cable that does not let projector and high-pressured power line or other communication line are wrung tangle together, otherwise when umbriferous signal is transmitted through wire cable, get very easily the interference of signal of strong electric field or other communication signal, cause umbriferous indication picture flutter thereby or unsharpness; Additionally the jumper cable of projector does not want to be crossed from inside door window edge or other crack as far as possible, otherwise in jumper of the signal when closing door window cable is met get the puissant extruding of outside force, such meetings bring about screen act to appear serious slanting is lubricious breakdown.

After ensuring the physical circuitry join of projector is correct, if discover projector did not output signal, we might as well press the Fn F4 compound key on clavier (the author grooms the notebook computer that the center uses is COMPAQ Presario 2800, the operation method of the screen of notebook computer switch of different type is not identical, nevertheless their switch principle is identical) almost, can make the signal of notebook computer inputs means to be in " only notebook computer has signal " , " only projector has signal " , " there is signal on projector and jotter at the same time " below these 3 kinds of condition by turns switch. If be in the process of switch, the output signal that discovers projector has the word of a few deviation on screen, we might as well the function of automatic fixed position on use remote controller (Auto Position) will be handled; If discover output signal error is too big and if bringing about output picture to be out of shape badly, right now function of pure support Auto Position is to cannot be adjusted come over, then we should are opposite the indication resolution parameter of notebook computer screen undertakes adjustment, ensure the output resolution of this parameter and projector keeps consistent. When the output resolution that adjusting notebook computer, can click the blank area of systematic desktop with mouse right key directly, carry out from inside playing the right key menu that go out " attribute " command, the indication property that opens a system installs the window; In this window, we can choose many video, can regarding projector so is another monitor) , enter subsequently " advanced " option installs a page, choice among them " show " option, will install the output resolution of notebook computer and projector identical.
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