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Use situation is different- - look be illogical safeguard projector skill
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Projector is product of a kind of accurate electron, technology of circuit of its market mechanism, liquid crystal or DMD, electron at an organic whole, because this in use wants to try to notice from the following respects, it is with liquid crystal projector below exemple:

1, mechanical respect -- take strict precautions against collide strongly, squash and shake

2, optical system -- those who notice use environment is dustproof and ventilated medicinal powder hot

3, light source share -- should not be after disuse cut off the power immediately

4, circuit part -- report of severe forbidden band is inserted unplug cable, signal source and umbriferous Electromechanical source are best at the same time ground connection.

Above is the point in be being used for a few projector of exemple introduction with LCD projector, DLP projector is as similar as its, but but consecutive working hours compares liquid crystal pilot, and the maintenance of CRT projector is opposite less, because be not moved basically, fault rate is so opposite very low. Want to pick good value of good commodity ask not only when buy, should choose good businessman more, make clear maintenance serves a phone, the problem seeks advice to professional, ability won't have trouble back at home. Maintain experience according to old projector, gave each to provide advantage projector, measuring projector to defend a method for different user demand summary especially, consult for everybody.

One, educational industry

Teaching a trade is the user with the at present hugest amount in domestic projector market group, because this this one industry is medium the fault rate of projector is quite high, educational industry (especially the school) appear higher fault rate is the reason that is based on a few respects, for instance: Long-term and high frequency rate is used, dustproof, defend high temperature measure technical personnel, technology safeguards major of undeserved, lack to be waited a moment not in time. Accordingly, educational industry user is the most principal is:

1, those who notice projector is dustproof, clean to securing what the projector of hoisting should have dustproof cover regularly;
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