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Novice introduction looks surely teach your projector to use a method correctly
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The first time the user of use projector may be encountered how to operate projector correctly this kind of problem. Actually, now manufacturer people what the projector that roll out had considered an operation is easy with the gender, a lot of machines introduced human nature to change a design, the user is used rising is very convenient. To let abecedarian as soon as possible the use of projector, we give the true measure of a few use projector with respect to summary today, the friend that have fun at mights as well will understand.

When 1. projector switchs on the mobile phone, green light twinkles when the specification still is in; of the condition that start to twinkle no longer when green light, fangke undertakes be operatinged next.

2. projector is forbidden in use process acuteness shake.

3. is in use process, when if appear to cut off the power to still need however accidentally,starting umbriferous case, had better wait for projector to cool 5, after 10 minutes, start again.

4. projector is in use process, after be like the certain function in using bill of fare, picture effect is inferior to previous when, in can seeking bill of fare " leave factory setting " , by " affirmatory " key restores to give factory setting.

5. projector is in use process, if appear,whole picture slants red when, in can seeking bill of fare " input format " , signal of new input RGB can.

6. closes when machine, the fan that needs to wait for projector does not turn into in rotational, twinkling green light after orange, square but dump.

7. projector closes machine hind normally, when if still need,be being started again, had better wait for projector to cool 2, after 5 minutes, start again.

When 8. projector is unused, ask dump.

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