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The detail projector scene that should be not overlooked is common problem
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Use projector when had you noticed projector camera lens? Does it still have other function besides focus? Does the camera lens of different specifications projector have a difference? We introduce the issue with projector common camera lens one by one below.

1, do scorch camera lens and camera lens of fixed focal length have why to distinguish?

Scorch camera lens is adjustable focal length deepness. If you are used, is the projector that introduces not alterable anxious camera lens, so, greaten to be done to umbriferous image when decrescent is handled, you have mobile projector to come true through changing umbriferous distance only. Current, a few single liquid crystal board projector is to use camera lens of fixed focal length mostly. And if using scorch camera lens, you need to come back only the measurement that uses scorch circle to be able to realize image shrinks put, environmental suitability is apparent betterer.

2, is quality of most camera lens about the same?

The shot with good quality can be umbriferous and outstanding colour and comparative and much better image, those who avoid image is spherical and lack fidelity. This kind of flaw can make umbriferous the image that come out is mixed in brightness colour respect is irretentive even, mid area picture is keen and clear, 4 corners are dim. Nevertheless, this kind of circumstance focuses on camera lens many meeting to happen in scorch camera lens and solid. If you think the projector that checks you has a problem in focusing respect, you can try the following method: Open WORD, input at 12 o'clock (be equivalent to small 4) or less text version, adjust umbriferous image becomes a square. Next, come back ceaselessly use scorch group, look in scorch process whether undertake comparative flowing scorch.

3, the projector that introduces brief anxious shot has He You to nod

Common projector often needs to put in assembly room among, quite long distance needs between camera lens and screen, and the projector that contains short anxious scene can shorten take up space, facilitating user is in cramped room to Li Shu demonstrates just or enjoy more exaggerated picture.

4, what effect does scorch camera lens have to image brightness?
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