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Prevent by the person black! Projector maintains large exposure of feline be bor
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One middle school of Nanning city has projector of a liquid crystal to appear the breakdown that cannot illume, take then look for a businessman to undertake maintaining to astral lake road, classics examination, discovery is the core component of measuring projector- - fluid chip appeared breakdown, because already guaranteed too period need changes, the teacher of responsible maintenance machine looked for a few businessmen, compare through the price, in agency of some brand projector place expenditure buys fluid chip 1000 yuan 3, because the value is inferior (normally the price of fluid chip is occupied overall the half above of cost) , businessman only acceptance guarantees 3 months. Did not think of to just spend 3 months, this fluid chip is bad, the school looks for a businessman reasonable, the businessman expresses to guarantee period already passed, with already had nothing to do.

Later, the teacher of this school takes the examination of after service station of this brand measuring projector, the fluid chip that the businessman before just discovering trades with low is service life the old fluid chip that already exceeded 7000 hours. Because be to be in,guarantee period besides appearing problem, the school can admit only had bad luck. This teacher is vexed also to this unceasingly, if understand a few relevant common sense more before buy, is not allow businessman the statement of only one of the parties, so the loss can avoid completely.

Market of measuring projector maintenance is defective and transparent

Projector is a kind of high value use up sexual office tool, because design nicety, breakdown appears rarely commonly in using a process, the measuring projector that uses daily can have the case of normal ageing only. Nevertheless projector belongs to those who compare high end to show equipment, its circuit and optical part design are very careful, every manufacturer has his unique design, once appear problem, its maintenance difficulty is greater, staff of station of the maintenance after the carry out that has former plant only commonly just is familiar with the internal composition of this brand projector, basic not be in a position understands average consumer the reason that oneself projector gives trouble, prep let alone can know how to be solved. It is bad after all what, need changes what spare parts, can be maintenance technician said to calculate only. Also be the major because of maintenance and average consumer is inscrutable, make business of a few maintenance had an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage, flicker consumer.

Guarantee in measuring projector period inside, the problem that measuring projector place appears can have the maintenance dot of manufacturer accredit undertake appropriate is maintained commonly, quality of service of orgnaization of the maintenance after the carry out that does not cross some manufacturer is uneven, maintenance place is too little, the after service of other IT product spreads all over far unlike whole area each district, resemble normal manufacturer or countrywide him agent the ministry of maintenance after service of open, the operation is more transparent, the happening of fraudulent action is opposite for less, and all sorts of maintenance equipment are all ready also, service quality also has been compared relatively. Major of a few accredit maintains a center, technology and service quality are OK still, but upkeep costs is more expensive. A few units with limited budget chose the maintenance businessman with lower price, because measuring projector maintains an industry to still do not have a normative standard to restrain, appear easily consequently " the person has many bold, upkeep has much high yield " circumstance.
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