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Guild organization detects whether misuse of authority
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Since the closest period of time, concerned guild passes appraise through comparison, rank, attestation, detect etc all sorts of fashion collection charge, " annoy " the report of the enterprise sees Zhu Baoduan again and again. The country has a regulation, guild cannot random appraise through comparison, chaos collects fees. But whether can undertake detecting supervisory to the product to guild and did not set clearly, is the product detects behavior of self-discipline of a kind of industry? Does the duty limits of guild have how old? The guild that is in transition period is experiencing a part and the labour pains that function changes, a lot of guild are immersed in in a dilemma to be the awkward condition of afterwards hard even.
Guild is deep-set credit crisis
In recent years amount of our country guild grows quickly, become the main force that promotes economic development increasingly, but at the same time, certain guild still depends on fall in the government sector, playing governmental banner, ground of leave no stone unturned go up from industry body " hijack " . Recently, the problem that exists as a few association by in succession exposure, the reform of guild and part locate, make the central point that public opinion pays close attention to again.
The reporter investigates discovery, in recent years some guild are hanged lean below certain government sector, force enterprise initiate with all sorts of methods, admission of collection high specified number, still pass " appraise through comparison " , " rank " , " attestation " , " can exhibit " wait for a method, promulgate to enterprise chaos card, chaos collects fees, in self-destruction credit while, also make the authority that is in charge of a branch is damaged badly.
As we have learned, in recent years association holds all sorts of " appraise through comparison " pattern is various, for instance " year brand " , " customer satisfaction award " , " 10 beautiful title " , " trust a brand most " etc. On January 11, 2007, the unit such as Chinese quality association released partial white home appliance " compare an experiment " result, the 4th day after the result is released, association of Chinese home appliance raises doubt publicly, think Chinese quality association does not have the power that selective examination, so called evaluation harmed the interest of the enterprise badly. However, of this kind of association contend for, letting a person feel is not to be being contended for serve for the enterprise, what contend for truly is the gray income that does not poor rear.
Without doubt, the banner chaos that making appraise through comparison, rank collects fees the severity that already got the country concerns a section prohibits. Recently, " a certain number of opinions that general office of the State Council pushs guild to chamber of commerce is reformed and develop about accelerating " come on stage, had farther standard to guild, but, is the guild that people cares does product quality to detect the autonomic behavior of association? Answer to should not prohibit and did not make specific provision.
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