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Pick of content contest season, darwinian regulation shuffles projector market
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2007 uneasy to domestic projector market, the personage inside course of study is analysed, in future market of the projector in a year will greet to shuffle. The author thinks to shuffle is a basis Darwinian " pick of content contest season " free market competition is regular, manage the company that surpasses advantage competition method, force puny group to exit the market with the tactics of intense, strong arm, try hard the price with lowest, highest convenient sex, offer best product and first-rate service to give general public. Ever was acted according to to be the traditional advantage law of infallible law by numerous enterprise, expanding ceaselessly, of agitate exceed advantage competition to issue complete already burst. If the pace is a bit slow, the next gives the likelihood of the bureau to be able to be turn for you. Nowadays, chinese projector market is entering Darwinian regulation " pick of content contest season " in game regulation, who can be this shuffles the eventual winner in game?

Big fish has small fish

Enter 2007, the technology of projector product is mature with each passing day, market environment also develops to more favorable direction gradually, chinese umbriferous market also rises before unlike a few years to drop greatly greatly in that way again, enter a kind of position that increases steadily however. According to CBI Research 2007 year investigation data shows first half of the year, the sale gross of product of Chinese market projector achieves 276 thousand first half of the year, sale is 3.47 billion yuan, sales volume grows 39.4% compared to the same period, sale grows 29.50% compared to the same period. From sale incremental ratio exemple looks, chinese projector market increases rate still the projector of prep above whole world increases rate.

Chinese projector sold driving growth to mean first half of the year 2007 be in at least 2007 second half of the year and 2008 the foreground of projector industry is light. Nevertheless, in future the sales volume of the projector in 3 years and sale are added fast drop year after year. Warning of market survey orgnaization says lesser projector manufacturer will be forced possibly to exit this one market, the reason has 3:

The first, because projector sale is driving last year, because the sale of projector anticipates this this year,be increased, come so, although new anticipation shows projector sale grew 39.4% than the corresponding period first half of the year 2007, but the analyst says to want to obtain a success to be not easy thing in projector market. Because, although sold more projector, but profit range is narrowing. Those who do not have a company have scale to exceed 15% , this kind of pressure also makes a few manufacturer that have actual strength lower the price, enlarge oneself market, elbow out the firm that does not have competition ability a market. Additional, the consumer of rising market needs cheap projector, the competition with mature intense market makes the price of projector lower. Lesser projector manufacturer will face pressure, to hold meager gain, there had been a lot of is in to struggle hard among them. They are faced with have two likely, it is possible be bought, 2 it is to the choice exits projector market completely.
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