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The patch is quite big see NEC projector come to serve value geometry
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NECProjector after service becomes consumer preference doorsill

Recently, NEC issues the after service policy of projector product to make to its banner adjust, acceptance gives terminal the user " make an appointment come to serve " . Namely NEC falls to be protected freely character in the light of the banner period the projector product inside puts forward, protect character the engineer is offerred to come to take the service of machine inside deadline, borrow this to absolve consumer to repair NEC projector to rush about the suffering that after service nods.

The purpose no more than of NEC this action is to think the use consumer to NEC projector is offerred more the after service system that human nature changes. But industry criticism sprinkled cold water of one gourd ladle to NEC projector this action however. The expert inside course of study points out, system of after service of NEC projector product lags behind at a lot of mainstream projector manufacturers all the time. Associate not as good as even such industry " novice " . This and NEC profess " the whole world is umbriferous the market the 2nd " brand image nots agree with extremely. In intense market competition, NEC projector is fastened in after service body those who go up is short board had become one of tremendous obstacles that restrict NEC projector to obtain terminal consumer to approbate. And the after service policy with NEC new projector just is to be in it is this " cavity hits a patch just " .

The expert inside course of study expresses, at present market of domestic projector mainstream still is education and industry purchase the market. And the person that the large sheet that appears with form of invite public bidding purchases pair of projector manufacturer and distribute raised all-around character requirement. In different of product quality equal difference increasingly contractible setting falls, the projector manufacturer of the mainstream serves as after service in succession " the one part of the product " try " sale " . The stand or fall after carry out has become the critical factor that decides the product can win the bid. And in rising business affairs market, especially market of medium and small businesses, of projector purchase the office with be considered as main to consume one of projects. In the meantime, this kind comes loose an application, user oneself cannot deploy professional maintenance necessarily personnel, its are right the requirement of level of projector product after service is met taller.
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