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Although Aipusheng is gotten run industry but facing grim challenge however
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IDC newest authority studies data shows, aipusheng is had with the market of 14.2% rate rank sales volume of Chinese projector market ranked first place 2006, continue to get run Chinese projector market, aipusheng wore this one laurel already firmly 10 years, however, face with the fact that distance of other projector brand narrows gradually on the market, because this still is facing grim challenge.

Poor dissimilation is to love general to give birth to projector to hold to element of market first core all the time. Difference changes particular system to show to wait for many respects in Wu of kimono of product, technology, channel, include the poor dissimilation of product technology, the characteristic of innovation serves, and the channel policy of the poor dissimilation that undertakes in time adjustment according to market condition.

Competitive strategy is changed to go up in the difference of the product, aipusheng can abound product line further, be aimed at the market effective demand, roll out more the product; that accords with user need and go up in channel policy. 2007, in total representative level, aipusheng can use brand-new partial product sole agent, produce the core advantage that always acts as agent each adequately, undertake to different domain deep ploughing; is below total representative, the agent for exclusive sale that controls to 30 can be executed " area has exclusive selling rights make " , the dominant position in making the agent for exclusive sale competes in the market is the largest turn; agent for exclusive sale again downward, make retailing shop amount enlarges Home 200-300, can have 50 core store of the left and right sides among them, the projector product; that reveals Aipusheng adequately and before our user service enclothes carry out, the act of 3 phase after carry out is being reached in carry out, it is to hold to " the user is consummate " the best expression that serves a concept.

"Deep ploughing education, heavy fist hits out business is used, breed family expenses " was 2007 the core of projector career ministry develops way, this is Aipusheng according to Chinese projector market now besides the market that divides separate out scientificly popularizes strategy. Believe in core technology and politic support are mixed how-to below, projector still meets Aipusheng wonderful and ceaseless.

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