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The mouth that has run oneself not lets him become the Jiang Gan of IT course of
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One battle sheds Chibi of the Three Kingdoms fragrant through the ages, numerous hero famous general is in this go down in history as a honor! A person of academic or artistic distinction such as Zhou Lang, Kong Ming, Pang Tong appears one by one. But second battle is here medium, a crucial figure often is forgotten however. This character is: Jiang Gan. If do not have Jiang to do night to visit Zhou Yu; If do not have Pangtong to make suggestions; If do not have Jiang Gan to be trapped, mao of Cao Cao manslaughter Cai, Zhang Yun; Believe from the back wonderful also not answer existed. Say so, jiang Gan is one of the battle of Chibi very important role, and it is a crucial figure.

Change IT to the bound by the the Three Kingdoms, there are 3 kinds of groups in this tumultuous market as Chibi of the Three Kingdoms medium role is same. They are manufacturer, professional media, consumer, manufacturer nature became overmatch -- Cao Cao; And Where is media? Became naturally -- Jiang Gan; The target that consumer became them -- Sichuan Wu Lianjun. Why can be you compared so? See officials continue please advertent later development.

In IT course of study, each are big manufacturer people be in hard assault next consumer this in the mouth forever " sacred " . Because, have sacred accord only the profit that they put subsist, they just can develop, ability flourishingly. And be in both between, IT kind the line that professional media nature made both of a connection. This natural line wanders commonly with respect to the Jiang Gan in the battle as Chibi at both between. To let him consumer preference brand, numerous product manufacturer throws powerful media in succession in conduct propaganda, because this a lot of media also live very,be moist. In the help the manufacturer publicizes a respect, volunteer naturally. The implied meaning that has alluring sex and conduct propaganda, consumer in succession show respect for, the manufacturer is glad very. So, nature of this kind of chain is formed. And fall in the drive of the interest, the just sex of media begins to have break defective. (here is not to say all professional media have break justice)

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