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Big projector of performance data moisture 3 standards roily market
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Relevant data shows, total sales volume of country of Chinese projector market achieved 490 thousand 2006, predict market demand will achieve 655 thousand 2007. However, while projector market maintains high speed to grow, competition is more and more intense also, as a result of long-term since home market did not unite, the standard of standardization, bring about partial projector manufacturer to obtain larger profit space, exaggerated empty mark performance data, disturbed badly projector market environment.   

Show level, concerned projector product measures 3 kinds of standards consult: ANSI (standard of association of American state level) , ISO (with Japanese office machine and association of information system industry (JBM IA) the international projector standard that is a foundation about method of projector performance measurement) and " electronic projector measurement technique " (Chinese electron occupation standard) . The brand of projector product Japan that at present Chinese market sells holds share of 90 % above, these products basically consult ISO measures a level, a few otherer Euramerican brand consults ANSI measures a level, because different test method can cause the difference that checks a result, the tagging of end item index also is met skimble-scamble, lack uniform standard to supervise just about, bring about the be current of phenomenon of mark of empty of projector product index.  


In April 2007 - June, chinese electron chamber of commerce combines MII electron the 4th institute, consult " electronic projector measurement technique " , unripe to general of the Suo Ni on Chinese market, love, associate, Toshiba, day stands, beautiful can, 17 brands such as long rainbow, sort of LCD, DLP, LCOS3, product of projector of nearly 40 mainstreams undertook open, fairness try to find out the real intention test. On the whole, eliminate definition quota beyond, other each index all puts in particular problem:


Smooth output quota detects value and nominal cost gap is in basically 20 % less than, accord with standard regulation, only light of product of a few company is outputted under nominal be worth 50 % ;  
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