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System of projector function quota urgently phenomenon of mark of empty of perfe
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Learned from Chinese electron chamber of commerce a few days ago, apply extensively in domain of education, business affairs as projector and begin to walk into a family, system of quota of projector product function urgently perfect, phenomenon of mark of projector index empty is changed urgently.

According to introducing, function index is the basis of projector of consumer choose and buy. At present projector includes sort of LCD, DLP, LCOS3 model, only LCD projector has our country performance data standard, other two kinds of standards still are in formulate. Partial projector manufacturer takes the chance index of empty mark function, disturbed projector market. This is institute of standardization of technology of electron of China of combination of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, consult occupation standard of our country electron " electronic projector measurement technique " , to by a definite date of product of projector of nearly 40 3 kinds of on our country market 17 brands, types, mainstreams 3 months try to find out the real intention the result of the test.

The basis checks a result, outside dividing definition, phenomenon of mark of other side empty is commonner, standard of short of of index of quality of partial product part asks.

For instance, contrast respect, LCD projector manual is nominal be in mostly 400:1- 600:1Between, detect actually discovery is in only commonly 100:1- 300:1Between, still have the 150:1 that the standard of product short of of 36.4% asksManual of above;DLP projector is nominal be as high as 2000:1 mostly- 2500:1, detect actually discovery is in only commonly 100:1- 500:1Between. Bide one's time respect of bad news report, 70% products prep above country is energy-saving the 5 tile that the standard asks. LCD light output or brightness respect, a few product under the manual nominal value 50% . Respect of LCD background noise, the product of 55% is more than the 36db that the standard asks. LCD colour respect, standard requirement intensity of illumination is even 80% above, colour gamut covers property lead 32% above, but only the product of 25% reachs these two levels. Parameter of partial projector manual is nominal not complete, lack the target of a few basic function such as smooth output, contrast even.
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