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Projector market " make a holiday " be current
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Because lack corresponding national level, performance data of empty mark product appeared to cheat however in the projector market that just showed the sign that start the phenomenon of consumer. Technology of electron of China of combination of Chinese electron chamber of commerce standardized an institute to announced the near future to check a result to the industry of product of home market projector a few days ago. Data shows, be opposite Suo Ni, Aipusheng, associate, Toshiba, day stands, beautiful can, in the industry test of the product of 40 mainstreams projector of 17 brands such as long rainbow, include a lot of famous brand projector to be put in phenomenon of mark of product index empty. Be opposite for instance contrast of liquid crystal projector is nominal of the value in detecting, general and nominal the value is in 400: 1 to 600: The 1 product between, actual measurement value is in only 100: 1 to 300: 1 between. Consumer can undertake examining from website of relevant number, IT only, but the product parameter that tags on relevant website partly exists again very big " moisture " , increased the odds that average consumer is deceived greatly.

For this, about the expert the appeal establishs corresponding standard for projector market as soon as possible, lest make this promotes an industry to weigh skip standard anew serious lag at the market, endanger the track of an overturned cart that entire industry grows thereby.

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