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Partial projector is main the tagging of parameter is affusion pork
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In April 2007 - June, chinese electron chamber of commerce combines MII electron the 4th institute, consult " electronic projector measurement technique " , unripe to general of the Suo Ni on Chinese market, love, associate, Toshiba, day stands, beautiful can, 17 brands such as long rainbow, sort of LCD, DLP, LCOS3, product of projector of nearly 40 mainstreams undertook open, fairness try to find out the real intention test. On June 23, 2007, chinese electron chamber of commerce combines Chinese electron technology to standardized an institute to undertake announcing to the result, call together mainstream projector enterprise with respect to projector occupation standard collective delibrate.

The letter produces ministry electron the 4th institute is right Hu Peng released curator that projector has detecting to detect specificly result report:

Everybody is good in the morning! I suffer Zhang Suo to grow, the commission of Director Zhao issues function of umbriferous mechanism key and a supportive report. I give everybody with respect to 4 parts below make a brief introduction, fundamental condition, crucial function and the angle from the standard discuss a few issues, do a few brief summary to everybody. We level that measures a basis, actually here the electronic projector measurement technique that writes, among them a measurement technique was 2006 11346 what promulgate, still have 11340 of SJT, this second sample basically is the principle that the enterprise sends sample of one's own accord. We act on 3 principles, master the basic function of market demand, implement standard of liquid crystal product carry out carry out. The 3rd it is the test data that gathers us, the DLP that is about to make for us provides basis of a technology. The 3rd, the general character problem that we will develop to the industry, we are discussed jointly rise, promote the joint development of our standard and industry.

Contrast, smooth output, uniformity and enclothe rate etc, sample that sends check, everybody can see, we basically are 3 kinds of products, DLP, LCOS, the product has 17, basically be now the mainstream brand on the product.
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