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Action family expenses is umbriferous choose problem of 3 big heat to pare analy
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About a few chose a problem to cause a lot of users and reader afresh attention of family expenses projector, face projector of low family expenses and homebred low sheet for instance piece who should LCD projector choose, face low curtain and Bai Qiang to who should choose, face dish machine material and HTPC to who should choose to wait a moment, these problems really very make a few customer that family expenses projector contacts first bemused. And should do after all why to choose? The author comes to one cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions first below.

One, who should homebred machine of PK of machine of low family expenses choose

The low that the homebred projector that we say here basically points to to a few manufacturer of domestic are produced is odd a LCD projector, its are common the brand has banging day artillery piece, multidimensional, luck sincere, DEZZON(is gotten benevolence) , cry Zheng, the Milky Way always is filled etc, its product price is low, product function can satisfy the requirement of introductory class consumer basically.

The product is comparative

If have representative banging day relatively,prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan HTP-1806 projector, at present agency quote is 2100-2380 only or so yuan, volume is very large, exterior dimension is 340*300*115mm, weight was achieved7.3Kg. Use odd LCD to demonstrate a skill, standard resolution is 800 × 480, nominal brightness 1000 lumen, the biggest brightness can amount to 1400 lumen, contrast is 300: 1, below standard mode, the bulb that power comsumption is 150 tile is so-called can use 6000 hours, 9000 hours can be used below energy-saving mode. Interface is designed very simply, have video and power source interface, frequency interface only, but inside buy TV receiver, can receive TV signal directly, teleview program.
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