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3 into projector appeal of false label expert publishs uniform standard
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Institute of standardization of technology of electron of Chinese electron chamber of commerce, China releases function of Chinese market projector 23 days to check a result jointly, effect of output of main index light, colour behaves projector, wait for the respect such as functional bad news to amount to mark rate is inferior, 3 put in false label phenomenon into the product.

Aipusheng, Suo Ni, associate wait for 17 main brands, 3 sort of LCD, DLP, LCOS, product of projector of nearly 40 mainstreams is made check by the choice. 9 detect in index, outside dividing definition, other each index all puts in the problem: Decisive smooth output is worth individual brand to be worth 50 % under the standard; The product of 70 % bides his time use up power to be more than a standard to be worth 5 tile; The product job noise of 55 % should be more than mark fiducial value; Especially serious is, test product behaves a respect in colour general not quite ideal, uniformity of intensity of illumination can achieve 80 % above, colour gamut to enclothe the 25 % that leads the product in 32 % above to take all test product only, uniformity of intensity of illumination of a product detects value comparing is nominal the cost is low 20 percent.

In addition, the product manual that 3 is become marks phonily, it is parameter of manual of product of partial projector manufacturer nominal not complete. What find a few basic product parameter very hard is nominal in product manual value, include overall consume power, bide one's time use up the main parameter index such as power, include smooth output, contrast even. Wang Ning of vice-chairman of Chinese electron chamber of commerce says, because the mainest product parameter index is connected on product manual,do not have, if consumer wants to buy this kind of product to be able to examine the specific parameter of the product from website of relevant number, IT only, but those who look forehead split phase closes a website go up parameter is nominal presence is very large " moisture " , after consumer is bought, cannot discern at all whether is the product put in empty mark, this also increased the odds that average consumer is deceived greatly.

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