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Trap of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge digs projector uns
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Those who accompanying market competition is increasingly intense, of the brand between projector manufacturer contending for also is of course; Nevertheless the malign competition between distributors of the projector on the market is dark and direct however, in sale price more and more Anacreontic change today, the gain that projector distributors can score is less and less. But a lot of unscrupulous merchant do not satisfy the current situation, to can score more cruel forehead gain, the way that they often can think everything is likely will cheat projector user.
Low temptation, catchpenny client
This is the easiest let what umbriferous user is duped cheat one of action. Although the price of projector falls again, but still be maintained in 10 thousand yuan of above, face big such article, the user is met of course when buy scrupulous. Before accordingly most purchaser is being bought formally, can run more a few, pry respective value, next very freewill ground buys measuring projector to that one distributors point with low price.
For can will stay to the client that seek, many unscrupulous merchant publicize sheet in advertisement or intended newspaper goes out on quotation lower than value of other and congener product a lot of products. Umbriferous user sees the price is so cheap, can be attracted to come over, right now the businessman's salesperson can develop their shiver tongue. That batch of products that they may say to the newspaper in announce handbill goes out had done not have goods temporarily (there is such goods at all over there them actually) , you hold to if if wanting to publicize that model that lists on sheet, he can say to help you move to come over to other distributors, but the price cannot enjoy the privilege that offers on announce handbill again however, and can be sold only by current market price.
When unscrupulous merchant sees your hesitate, he can recommend the projector of other trademark to you desperately, how the performance that says it is like why advantageous (that model that general unscrupulous merchant recommends to you, can bring more profit to unscrupulous merchant) , many umbriferous consumer are in very easily of unscrupulous merchant honey-tongued below easily in action. Also a certain ordinary position office that some unscrupulous merchant are publicizing sheet is written on so content of a small character " above price does not include fittings " , specifically the price of projector fittings should pay additionally.
Have a deficit here you, those place slaughters you
Very much umbriferous consumer is when projector of choose and buy, constant regular meeting puts eye in the function of projector oneself and price compare, and current and character, the choose and buy compares advantageous projector is very easy implementation to sexual price, because the market is medium now the projector of great majority model, carry network or advertisement kind already, its sale price was made public. And compare before, projector distributors is in sale projector is overall the gain that can score on the product, decreasing ceaselessly, have more very person aux would rather come with the means under actual purchase price " lose money in business " sale, their purpose no more than is for race to control umbriferous market. From apparently look, the kind that this kind of lose money in business sells, it is one big profit to umbriferous consumer good, actually this is unscrupulous merchant a kind when fall meticulously for consumer setting " trap " , unscrupulous merchant people can sell customer projector with the price of lose money in business, its purpose attracts consumer to buy other fittings namely; And it is cheap really that consumer sees this family property tastes the price, they also are met very buy in this willingly other all fittings and service of form a complete set, such word unscrupulous merchant can make a few motion more on other fittings, sell customer the portfolio of projector with high price alone for example, perhaps control projector software to take the chance to hawk consumer, and consumer often does not care to the price of these fittings, compare and perhaps won't ask, come so the profit of unscrupulous merchant can " overall loss fittings fills " .
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