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Beware " legerdemain " obviously projector of white white choose and buy
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Introductive: Accompanying the progressively maturity of umbriferous technology and development, more and more unit users even domestic user begins projector of choose and buy, with the recreation of the job of convenient unit or family. Nevertheless, accompany what sell competition as projector market to grow in intensity, generate manufacturer or the projector that sell shop to be able to be gotten to sell profit to dropping stage by stage. Come up from the surface seeing such competition is a favour to average consumer, in fact this brings certain hidden trouble possibly also to average consumer, this kind of hidden trouble is passed with respect to dispute law unscrupulous merchant a few " legerdemain " will cheat consumer, in order to achieve the goal of seek sudden huge profits.

To let consumer can understand consumption when projector of choose and buy, be far from be deceived, the article sells these now " legerdemain " the friend that tells preparation projector of choose and buy, so that can make each friend successful buy gratified flexibly projector!

Legerdemain 1, random fittings, old write an essay

Although projector sale market looks very lively, in fact those sale are big often is the product that function configuration is in medium, low class, although these projector products sell the price is not very high, the gain that leaves projector distributors is very narrow also, but when the projector of low in selling these price, the fittings respect old write an essay that a few distributors often can give randomly in projector, so that pass these,random fittings can bring the profit that does not poor to oneself.

The fittings product that projector gives randomly includes data line normally software of cable, control line cable, umbriferous portfolio, control, agency is met commonly when wholesale projector product bum these accessory products; But, if discuss value with the sale,be in when the user in the process of projector of choose and buy when counter-bid is fiercer, the accessory that the salesperson may give projector randomly sells umbriferous user alone, come in that way the sale gain of cruel forehead arose naturally.
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