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3 put in empty mark phenomenon into umbriferous product

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In April 2007 - June, chinese electron chamber of commerce combines MII electron the 4th institute, consult " electronic projector measurement technique " , unripe to general of the Suo Ni on Chinese market, love, associate, Toshiba, day stands, beautiful can, 17 brands such as long rainbow, sort of LCD, DLP, LCOS3, product of projector of nearly 40 mainstreams undertook open, fairness try to find out the real intention test. Among them, the index of LCD projector according to " the projector before liquid crystal is general and normative - S/JT11340-2006 " undertake comparative, and the general and normative standard of DLP, LCOS is being made in, the result of the test will provide certain technical basis surely for metric system. On the whole, eliminate definition quota beyond, other each index all puts in particular problem:

Smooth output quota detects value and nominal cost gap is in basically 20% less than, accord with standard regulation, only light of product of a few company is outputted under nominal value 50% ;

Because detect of the method different, projector product contrast detects value and enterprise are nominal bigger difference exists between the value, especially DLP projector is most apparent. Enterprise of LCD projector contrast is nominal the value is in commonly 400: 1~600: 1 between, detect actually the value is in only commonly 100: 1~300: 1 between, among them 63.6% but 150 what up to mark asks: 1 above; DLP projector contrast is nominal 2000: 1~2500: 1, detect actually the value is in commonly 100: 1~500: 1 between, among them 88.9% can achieve 150: 1 above. Of the enterprise nominal the value follows ISO21118 standard mostly, below completely black completely white mode the test reachs connect than data, is not the contrast data that provides in our country standard. But usually the user can be scarcely below condition of complete Hei Quanbai use projector, check a basis this " electronic projector measurement technique " in of the regulation 4 black 1 white law, the contrast of projector checks below the pattern that the user uses normally. photograph contrast, " electronic projector measurement technique " test method more tend rationality.

Projector product is overall use up power to check a result to compare ideal, in all test product only one uses up power to detect the value is more than nominal value. But in bide one's time use up power respect, integral circumstance fares badly, the product of 70% bides his time use up power to be more than 5 tile. Additional, from detect in light of the result, working noise also is put in bigger question, the product job noise that there is 55% in the product that all detecting should be more than 36db(A) .

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