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Day fastens projector manufacturer to try to boycott occupation standard

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Grow as projector market to the limit of one's capacity, phenomenon of mark of crucial index empty chases fadein to be shown. Below this kind of circumstance, chinese electron chamber of commerce tries to use " electronic projector measurement technique " will evaluate the of all kinds projector that making work on Chinese market, this wanting that achieve the goal of phenomenon of mark of empty of keep within limits. Nevertheless, a lot of projector manufacturers especially market scale is larger do not agree with.

Chinese China records - Zhang Jian annals is accepting general manager of limited company of information of the electron below the pine " Chinese electron signs up for " when the reporter interviews, express: "The to each index requirement when the projector of the different utility such as commerce, education and family expenses is being used is different, " electronic projector measurement technique " before data suits family expenses only, cast, if use the data that this standard provides to serve as projector whether eligible limit, suit not quite for certain. Suit not quite for certain..

"If according to this standard, at present price can amount to mark with projector in the business of 20000 yuan of above, but 20000 yuan of the following business are used engine is main do not accord with a standard. " Yang Xiaoyun tells " Chinese electron signs up for " reporter, "If such, the projector of a lot of commerce, education does not accord with a standard to ask, the projector of portable, mobile phone that develops later also will unqualified. " as a result of " electronic projector measurement technique " the ISO standard of the ANSI that measures the data that give and United States and Japan measures the difference with the data not little presence that give, so very few company is willing to come according to Chinese standard mark is numeric.

In addition, as a result of " electronic projector measurement technique " it is the level that the industry recommends quality only, be determined to be this standard apply mechanically on product of all category projector when Chinese electron chamber of commerce so when, including Aipusheng, NEC, day to establish the day that waits inside is enterprise echo intense. The expert expresses, they try not to adopt this standard, want to boycott occupation standard even.

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