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Little skill accuses you how to purchase family expenses umbriferous
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Projector of high-end family expenses, what we point to normally is the machine of 1080P or higher resolution, the characteristic with this kind of the oldest machine depends on function major, the picture is qualitative high-definition, can offer the colour with the most high quality user and vision to enjoy. As a result of function high end, the cost that also caused this kind of machine is higher, the price does not poor, not be general friend can say to buy what buy. Of course, no matter be class, intermediate to the introduction for advanced still user, having a projector of top class 1080P family expenses is the most perfect undoubtedly, but no matter be,be being returned from be economical angle in fact is from degree of use experience depth for, be aimed at major introduction class and intermediate user, we do not suggest to buy the machine of 1080P. 1080P kind machine of high-end family expenses, suit two kinds of users only at present: One kind is the user that use experience had crossed intermediate level, have the demand that upgrades to 1080P; The 2nd kind is very rich friend, even if be,projector had not been bought to use before him, but he says he is very rich, want 1080P directly, if where day uses this 1080P accurate, he changes a 1080P again, have a word only to this kind of friend " without language " ~~~ of # of # ¥ % of course, the crowd of consumption of true main body of 1080P machine is the first kind of friend undoubtedly, we basically also are aimed at this kind of friend below, talk about the choose and buy of 1080P machine.

One, analysis of characteristic of consumptive crowd demand

"High-definition " with " big screen " be united in wedlock, it is the can foreknow at present ultimate goal that projector player pursues undoubtedly, of use experience accumulate crossed intermediate level, the sense with advanced simple to the picture user is already special and sensitive, dot of what a confusion of voices, black, rainbow, crystal lattice is waited a moment undoubted see, 720P reachs the following machine, the performance in above respect is general it is to do not have 1080P machine well-done, because this wants to go after " high-definition " with " big screen " be united in wedlock, upgrade to 1080P machine to make inevitable choice undoubtedly.

To advanced user, the focus of machine of 1080P of choose and buy, more be to be in centrally " choose and buy the 1080P machine of what technology type is good? " 1080P machine basically has LCD, DLP, LCOS3 at present kind technology, and Suo Ni's exclusive SXRD technology, also in a group of people of same interest of classify LCOS technology. Different technique type, can have the advantage of oneself and inadequacy of course, from professional technology expression comes up say, SXRD technology is better undoubtedly, but the price is too expensive; LCD technology is cheap, but black not quite deep; DLP technology is put in rainbow phenomenon to wait likely again, accordingly, how to single out oneself most satisfactory 1080P machine, need an user really patient, attentive go making contrast more.
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