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Maintain love machine pays attention to fine point to let projector maintain Cha
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Believe to there is such idea in the brain of most and umbriferous user, that is projector brightness index taller, it outputs the picture that come to say so with respect to clearer; , want to get clearer output result, whether must choose the projector of tall brightness index? Actually this kind of understanding is one-sided! Although you use the projector that is a common brightness, but want you to pay attention to fine point only, can make it umbriferous give satisfactory clear result to come out likewise! This not, a few umbriferous detail that give are summed up for you below, you must not small inspect oh!

1, not be as far as possible in the environment that has intense light, undertake umbriferous demonstrate. When real need demonstrates, should will shut lamplight, or with content of brunet keep out, block holds off external light, will ensure umbriferous brightness won't drop.

2, the floor in umbriferous environment, wall, screen, curtain, should not use glance material, and relatively should a few coarser, weaken umbriferous light not easily so.

3, projector must use random and accessary power supply cord, and the town report that receives must accord with designation power source specification. In the meantime, want the power source electrical outlet that will be linked together with projector, reliable ground connection. In addition, should ensure projector is linked together with its equipment, receive same electrical outlet as far as possible to go up, tall voltage appears in order to avoid between different electrical outlet. Returning those who have attention of a bit need is, not electrified insert unplug jumper or line, so easy meeting damages circuit of projector interior job or join interface.

4, switch projector, should pay attention to right order: Kuang   protects  of Shu of instrument of ㄊ of  Ran You Piao of acute hearing ass spills pushbutton of AMP of 蠰 of Lu of have illicit relations with to be not put, till this pushbutton corresponding signal lamp stops to twinkle. Closing when machine, press first the LAMP pushbutton in Control Panel, appear to whether want to close really when screen when machine, press this button again, when LAMP signal lamp stops to twinkle, when becoming yellow, shut power source pushbutton, cut off town report.
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