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Do not let projector prolong life of multimedia classroom projector into bad new
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The life of the projector that multimedia classroom uses why so short? Not only bulb is not used commonly, the life that is projector oneself also does not pass 2500 to 4000 hours, far unlike advertisement publicizes in that way bulb can use 2000~3000 hour, bulb is the only bad news capable person of projector, actual condition is projector and bulb turned bad news into material, face a year of hundred thousands of " consumption " , which school won't feel relaxed.

1, concerned optical term
⑴ luminous flux: Symbolic Ф , unit lumen Lm, what illuminant per sec. issues the total of the smooth quantity that can inspect.
⑵ light intensity: Symbolic I, unit bank heart pulls Cd, the luminous flux that demonstrative illuminant launchs inside solid angle of specific direction unit.
⑶ brightness: Symbolic L, unit Buddhist nun takes off Nt, Cd/m2, illuminant is in the luminous flux inside area of unit of solid angle of specific direction unit.
⑷ intensity of illumination: Symbolic E, unit lux Lx, illuminant illuminate is being illuminated the luminous flux on object unit area, when using international unit, can express to be 1 Lx = 1 Lm/m2.
⑸ smooth efficiency: Symbolic Lm/W, unit every tile lumen, lighting source the ability with electric energy smooth translate into, divide with the luminous flux that give out will express with power consumption.
By the definition knowable, it is certain that when some quarter projector launchs the luminous flux that go out, the video area that if project,goes up in screen at this moment is smaller, criterion the cost of intensity of illumination on screen is higher, vice versa; Projector can regard a point light source as, emissive light is inside the solid angle of specific direction, the size of luminous flux can represent the on any account of the brightness of projector, the luminous flux of projector (brightness) with the conversion between intensity of illumination the relation is: S of × of Ф = E------Ⅰ

By Ⅰ type knowable, when umbriferous area is affirmatory, the size of intensity of illumination can represent the on any account of projector brightness likewise, what also can represent light is strong weak, for instance the sunshine intensity of illumination midday makes an appointment with summer 100 thousand Lx.

2, the smooth access of LCD projector

LCD projector arrives from smooth generation shoot should pass layer upon layer obstacle, the glow electrode from extrahigh voltage mercuric lamp, course is integral lens, polarizing changeover component, lens, spectroscopic (colour is detached) , viewfinder, lens, polarizer, liquid crystal board, prism (colour is synthesized) , arrive finally projectile lens, when among them red light comes out, already was refracted via what passed more than 10 times or reflex, every course refracts the light or reflection can have attenuation, polarizing to radial attenuation has greatly changeover component, polarizer, liquid crystal board, ten components give an issue which without giving thought to, can affect the brightness of projector.
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