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Use daily need to notice projector care and maintenance cannot little
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As the fall with the ceaseless price of current projector, before the projector of too high to reach had entered each fields in people life. But to most projector user character, because do not have rich use experience, often neglected the daily attention job to projector, the maintenance that perhaps took an error is operated. Well-known, projector regards a kind of height as accurate electronic product, technology of circuit of its collect optics, liquid crystal or DMD, electron at an organic whole, if do not have the guidance of professional personage, this kind of moment if one but use undeserved or did not get maintaining goodly, the projector product that can not poor to the price causes disastrous damage. Accordingly, no matter be from projector itself dustproof, shock-proof, moistureproof wait for a respect, still be told from operation regulation and program, the daily attention that does good projector and it is very important to safeguard, this grows machine life to delaying, realize more applied value ceaselessly, the easy cost that reduces application and operation and reduce cost very crucial. Be here so, the author does not understand how to maintain in daily use process for great majority designedly the user of projector, explain correct maintenance works simply, the extension that makes an user effective in the following use process the service life of projector. Place a place to should notice moistureproof the electronic product of so tall to resembling projector precision, wet to indoor airy humidity has particular demand. Because, projector suffers the humid air in umbriferous environment very easily to erode. Show according to relevant data, projector is spent in tide of the air below regular job be in about 45%- - 60% between, if air is wet,humidity exceeds or the word under this scale, umbriferous mechanic makes the case that function can appear to be not stabilized, right even the attaint of the machine will very serious.


Projector maintains knowledge cannot little of course, the north with relatively dry to climate photograph, the user can need too the moistureproof issue that minds projector. But damp to our country climate southern region, highest metropolis achieves air humidity 80% above, can imagine, if projector is below this kind of damp environment,work, the electronic component that humid air will give projector interior brings huge damage, the phenomenon that short-circuits even, the whole that brings about projector then breaks down. Accordingly, the air environment that how assures low humidity and moistureproof job became this part user to answer the problem of special attention. Above all, should be opposite appropriately umbriferous environment undertakes moistureproof processing, if add,install to smoke wet implement or drier the machine that and so on reduces air humidity, smoke wet function to replace in what air conditioning can use in family expenses environment even, can go up to fall humid air to lowest to the harm of projector in certain level so. Additional, in damp umbriferous environment, how placing projector also is to compare cultured. Be in daily need not when projector, the user can look for a place that has good and ventilated environment to undertake placement, such can very good assurance projector interior has very good air convection quite, the air with smaller humidity is very won't big to projector generation harmful impact. Because, projector is in long below unused circumstance, in-house component is corroded very easily by humid air.
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