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The machine also fears summer hot- - projector comes loose hot technology is ana
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Gain ground as what projector applies, using the user in the process to also be being deepened stage by stage to the understanding of projector. Liquid crystal projector uses liquid crystal to become like the technology, magnify through optical system the big screen that realizes high definition shows. Optical in whole projector structure part is to become the nucleus that resembles showing, among them bulb is mixed liquid crystal board and optical parts of an apparatus is the main part that produces heat to measure easy be heated to damage near its.

1, of projector of liquid crystal of optical parts of an apparatus project like the technology requirement illuminant outputs intensity tall, and equipment itself volume is minor, quantity of heat very concentration, whole projector the power of 75% inside the space that dissipation is in to have fist volume only. If temperature is too high, the quartz of bulb wall can happen below high temperature break appear a phenomenon, produce white spot, because break,be in a large number of holding back fully the light, make this local district temperature unusually elevatory, cause then break appear area to expand further, make brightness rapid thereby damply, and bring about bulb probably explode. After the light that bulb gives out passes optical system assemble, assemble at liquid crystal board, although passed a variety of filter such as UV/IR plated film, cold viewfinder to remove infrared measure, but still a lot of quantity of heat are in centrally on the small area parts of an apparatus such as liquid crystal board, polarizer. The working temperature that the physical property of oneself of liquid crystal board decided it does not allow too tall, other and optical component once temperature exceeds his to bear limits also can cause optics yuan the attaint of parts of an apparatus.

2, switch power source besides optical system, the switch power source of projector also is a main heat source. Switch power source is assuming the job that gives projector circuit part and bulb power supply. Because use the method of wide modulation of scale arteries and veins to have step-down and stabilized voltage, certain power, canal of its power switch and transformer work to go up in taller frequency, the switch loss of generation makes temperature elevatory. Because power source volume is minor, because this quantity of heat is centered. Power source temperature is exorbitant, can bring about report to solve capacitance to dry up, power switch is in charge of burn down.
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